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Finally, Get The Personalized 1 On 1 All-Inclusive Help You NEED With Your Very Own Double Certified Thurston Personal Results Coach.
Do You Feel Overwhelmed Or Stuck Trying To Lose Weight And Build Lean Muscle? Are You Tired Of Trying To Do It All By Yourself And Figure Everything Out?
No More Gimmicks. Unlock REAL Consistency, Willpower, & Solve The BIG Reason You Haven't Been Able To Lose The Weight On Your Own... 
Don't Take Our Word For It!
Take Our Clients...
Stacy H. - "I weighed about 230 lbs... Seth was tough but he wouldn't let you quit... I was able to lose about 70 lbs and gain 10 lbs of muscle which has been life changing! Things that you didn't think were possible because you had a weight problem for 36 years are now possible."
Tony C. - "I recently turned 54 and looked in the mirror and was pretty upset with how I looked and felt... I started at 227 and this morning I weighed 180.5 and everything together cardio, lifting weights, aerobic exercises, and nutrition has made a huge difference.
Cassie T. - "I recently competed in my first figured competition and before that I never worked out doing weight training. Working with Seth I have lost about 20 lbs and gained 10 lbs of muscle which helped me compete in the bikini competition!"
Seth Thurston
Master Trainer
Transformation Expert
Dear Potential Coaching Client, 

Hi, I am Seth Thurston and I made it my personal mission to help you finally reach your fitness and fat loss goals, the same way I have already done for over 342 others...

With my proven muscle building and fat loss methods, coaching, support and accountability... you'll have all the support and tools you need.

You just have to be ready to commit and take action on the things I teach and prescribe for you to do.

It's that easy, you just have to make up your mind that right now, It is your time!

The best part about this program is how affordable it is for you to test-drive the program, and to show you that this is the right place to help you succeed!

Like many of others...
Women's Health & Fitness
Men's Health & Fitness
Glute Makeover
Men's Competition 
Women's Competition
Perfect Wedding Ready 
Women's Model 
Men's Model 
Weight Loss
How Does It Work?
Working one-on one with a professional Thurston Results Coach is like nothing you've ever experienced before...

Your friends and family care about you...

But they can’t offer the kind of proven guidance, support and accountability consistently that our expert coaches can give you to accelerate your success.

If you can't seem to do it by yourself, or you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck...

A Thurston Results Coach enters your life for one reason:

To Increase Your Progress & Results In Life.

So if you need help staying committed and motivated and you're tired of the downward spiral of negative self talk, it's time to have a professional work with you 1 on 1 to lose the weight and keep it off forever. 
Will You Be Our Next Success Story?
Eileen M. - "I have reached my goal as of this morning... I have lost a total of 65 lbs since I started here about a year and half ago... I feel like I have accomplished something amazing in my life!"
Scott R. - "I love coming here and I keep coming back because the people I workout with are amazing! People I never meet before were encouraging me, spotting me and have really become close friends!"
Jessica K. - "The trainers are amazing, really personable, and everyone is like a big family!"
Brandy D. - "When I came in I felt very comfortable. My main goal was to lose weight, tone up and feel better about myself... I am very much accomplishing that goal I'm down 45lbs over half way to my goal and I feel better about myself"
Bailey N. - "I love TPT because their always 1on1 attention and help you do everything... I'm seeing ready good results... It's the best gym I've ever been to."
Meghan B. - "I came to TPT after seeing the results my friend had. My goal was to lose the weight after my baby and I've lost 22lbs and get in better shape to ride horses... I keep coming back because it's a lot of fun..."
Angela H. - "I first meet Seth about a year ago... he first helped me take off about 15 lbs I had gained for a job and now I call him for every project I have. This last one I did I had to play a character that was into triathlon and pilates and he got me into the best shape of my life. He is a miracle worker!
Rob W. - "I had hit a wall on my own I needed to be motivated... I choose Seth and my results have been amazing!
Muzz M. - "When I started I had a lot of fat... He provided me with a diet that got my down to 10% and then we started bulking up again... Seth takes personal interests in your workout, in your diet that helps you crack your goals!"
What Will My Coach Be Like?
After you apply and are accepted in the program you will be asked to complete a compatibility call. Your answers will give us an idea of what you are looking for in a coach so you can be paired with the best coach for your needs.

Our vetting and onboarding process for coaching is very thorough and extremely intense. Each coach is hand picked from the best of the best!
All of our coaches have a minimum of 5,000 hours of experience coaching a minimum of 500 different individuals, giving you a veteran’s perspective for maximum accountability, progress, and results.
 Personal Thurston Certified Results Coach
 Lift, iCardio, HIIT Sessions
 Maximize Your Results Education
 In Depth Goal Mapping & Strategy Session 
 Body Assessments
 Custom Nutrition Counseling
 Results Tracking System
 Daily Coach Accountability
 Private Coaching Client Only Discussion Group
We Can Only Take On A Limited Number of Clients
So if you’re curious, make sure to reserve your spot and apply now.

We only have so many highly qualified expert coaches that we’ve certified to our standards. Each coach devotes their time to every single client.

It’s the best way to ensure our program delivers at the level our clients expect, but it also means we have to limit the number of clients we work with at any given time.

There is nothing in this world that could be a better investment than the one in yourself.

Click the button below and tell us a little bit about yourself to apply now.

After you apply, we’ll reach out in the next 24 hours to discuss your unique goal and the challenges you’re facing to see if our program is a good fit.

Click the button below to apply. It only takes a few seconds…
Click the button below to apply.
It only takes a few seconds…
Meet Your Personal Results Coaches

Seth Thurston

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, Seth Thurston has transformed lives and empowered people to maximize their ability to engage in the sport of life. He has lead many on the journey of full- body transformation through the use of cutting-edge scientific methods that enable people to reach their health and fitness goals.
Seth has worked with models and former Miss Arizona winner, Rachel Kasang, to enhance their beauty and physical appearance through his proven body sculpting techniques. As a Master Trainer, Seth has worked with athletes, pushing them beyond their limits to improve endurance and sport-specific skills so that they can dominate their competition.
Through personal experience as an award-winning physique competitor, Seth has helped many overcome hurdles and provided the encouragement, nutritional meal planning, and workout regimen necessary to follow in his footsteps at the NPC physique, body-building, and bikini competitions. If you desire to look and feel the best you ever have, if you want to lose body fat and build muscle, if you dream of having better endurance and strength, let Seth Thurston lead you on your personal journey to better health and fitness. His passion is to help you become an athlete of life.

Brianna Holm

Brianna has competed and won local NPC Bikini Competitions and competed nationally. Her passion is to help others reach their goals and she won't let you give up on yourself! She knows when to push and when to be caring and encouraging. She will help you lift property to tighten and tone your body. 

Stephen Thompson

Stephen holds three certifications in personal training from the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF), National Exercise and Strength Training Association (NESTA), and Glendale Community College.
Growing up Stephen always enjoyed being in sports and staying active. He became a certified personal trainer in 2009 because he wanted to enable his clients to have the same positive effects on their lives that being active had on him. Let Stephen help you achieve your goals whether it be weight loss, building muscle, or mobility, Stephen can help you.

Montana Kint

During my personal journey of getting in shape for my figure show I learned first hand the hard work that goes into sculpting a fit body. Your goal may not be a show but I can help you go as far as you would like to go from losing that stubborn last 5-10lbs or a full transformation. I will meet you where you are at on your fitness journey and empower you to achieve your goals while having fun along the way!

Aaron Kint

Aaron has been a personal trainer for over 15 years, and has helped his clients achieve their fitness goals from weight loss, building muscle, and winning figure competitions. Excersising and eating properly are not easy. Let Aaron help you start your journey so stop procrastinating and get going on your fitness goals today!

Alaina Griffith

Alaina entered this industry to make a difference to those of whom need a motivated, energetic, and humorous approach to a mundane, tedious and often procrastinated necessity! She will here to hold you accountable, help you set goals and achieve them as well as feel strong and renewed doing it! Fitness can be fun and a serious stress release! She will be educating and empowering you as we train to attain those goals! Skilled in Functional training, Resistance training, Rehabilitation from injuries, Dietary Guidance, Golf Conditioning, Interval Training and low impact training.

Steven Quagliano

Working in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in the field of Occupational Therapy and Sports Medicine for many years, Steven brings a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation to his clients. Becoming a Personal Trainer was the natural "next step" for Steven as he wants to continue to utilize his skills and passion for health and fitness.

Jake Freeman

Daren Parks

Proof, Proof and More Proof.
Don't Take Our Word For It. Take Our Clients... Watch these videos...
Dheeraj - "I now have abs and all credit goes to TPT... they make sure they correct your form and take care of everything. I jumped from 0 pullups to 12 pullups, 0lb squats to 185lb squats all without any injury."
Jenay - "I decided to come see Seth to see what strength training was all about. Since I've been seeing Seth my balance improved, no more knee pain, the way my clothing fits is a lot better, I have so much more energy, I feel more positive, my productivity has at least doubled..."
Kevin E. - "I was on high blood pressure medication and through working out I'm no longer on blood pressure medication and in fact I was told I had the blood of an 18 year old"
How can we get a hold of you if we have a question?
You can call us at 623.980.3485 or click here to request your complimentary results coaching session strategy & goal session, assessment, kickstart workout, and meal plan.
What is your schedule?
Monday - Thursday
5:30am - 8:00pm

5:30am - 12:00pm

8:00am - 12:00pm

(Other times are available by appointment)
 If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Yes, we can help any fitness level achieve their goals from beginner to advanced. We can modify every exercise and can scale the workouts to your fitness abilities.
Does it include a nutrition plan too?
Yes, we will tell you exactly what and when to eat so you can easily reach your goals.
What's the difference between this and other studios?
Other programs are designed for performance only, and depending on your fitness level can cause injury— Our program is 100% designed to maximize fat loss and build muscle safely to sculpt and tone with low impact workouts.
(623) 980-3485
3624 E. Bell Rd Phoenix 85032
Don't Put Off Achieving Your Health & Fitness Goals For Another Minute! 

So what exactly will happen when you come in? 

First, we will talk about your goals and what you are looking for to make sure I am a good fit... then I will take you through a short assessment to get a baseline of where you currently are compared to your goals.

Now it really gets exciting!

The next step after the analysis is to recommend and give you a step by step plan to reach your goals from A to Z customized for your body and lifestyle— that includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

The best part is...

All our programs include every tool you need to reach your goal— we don't leave anything out!

I'm talking a customized regimen including:

 • Weight Program
 • Cardio Training
 • Meal Planning
 • Program Tracker
 • Body Analysis and Tracking
 • Personal Accountability From Me And My Team
 • And A Jump start Guide That Lays Out Everything You Need To Know And Save You TONS Of Time!

Does that sound like what you are looking for?

Now, due to limited space, I can only take a few more clients.

So if you aren't ready to get results and make a change then I'm not for you...

I'm only looking for those who are seriously interested and committed.

Does that sound like you?

If you are ready then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Click here to apply <-----

P.S. It takes 21 days to build a habit and in that same time you could be lighter, full of energy and feeling great about yourself or you could be still be struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and get results. 

P.S.S. If you are looking to burn fat, build muscle, and get healthy then click here to apply for a strategy session & assessment and I will give you a complete plan. You have nothing to lose!

P.S.S.S. Can't wait to see you in the studio. I know you are going to love it!
* Your results may vary person to person. You get out what you put in! *

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